Vertical Auto Bed Level Probe for PRUSA i3 RepRap Printer

1 min read

After building my first 3D printer I was looking for an autobed-level mount for the z-axis.

I found a lot of bed-level mounts on thingiverse but couldn’t find a nice on for Thingv1my PRUSA i3.All the things I found had all a motion rotating forwards/ backwards, but i had an issue with these because they where all touching the bed when calibrating.

To avoid hitting the bed when leveling I think the probe needs to move up/down.

So Let’s make a Thing :)

After hobbying around for a couple hours and thinking about the design I made some sketches in my mind and was transfering them to a 3D design.

So here is v1 of my First Thing…(Will be shared on Thingiverse after I complete printing and testing for it…)



Make a rotor that attaches to the probe.(to move it up and down) Sharing .STL Files :)



Check out thingiverse for more updates