New version 0.3 for released yesterday to production

2 min read

Screen346Hello all,

Yesterday evening I worked on some upgrade for the new site

I made some small changes to the looks  of the site but almost completely overhault the code running behind it. The front page should load a lot quicker since I simplified the code behind it and used thumbnails for the pictures attached to the database. I fixed some small things that where annoying me.. I started working on the code behind some other things I have planned for the future. I also started coding on a new way to display the latest mod (Don’t like that table view it has currently..) Currently Submitting Mods is enabled for everybody and have set some monitoring tools up to track all the changes .. so far it is looking OK. There is still some work to be done on the submit form. Currently I’m testing if can use AJAX on that complete form to process the changes. I’ve noticed that the form is not cleared from the data when a submit is done.. (Probably will be working on this first since it is annoying when submitting multiple mods…)

All the changes can be followed on Hope you like it..


Greetings from a ETS2 Fan.