ARM CEO: We Can Convince AMD Of Giving Up x86


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According to EE Times,processor licensor ARM is trying to persuade AMD to give up x86 and let them turn to use their ARM architecture.Earlier we have known that Microsoft Windows operating system will add the full support for ARM.

It means that AMD will have two choices.One is that the company makes some adjustments on its Fusion architecture to include both x86 and ARM CPU cores plus graphics cores in a hybrid multiprocessor.Another choice is that they abandon x86 completely.

When accepting interview from EE Times, CEO Warren East said:“AMD is a successful company selling microprocessors.ARM is in the business of licensing microprocessor designs It is perfectly natural that we should have been trying to sell microprocessor designs to AMD for about the last ten years.Hitherto we haven’t been successful.” Warren East pointed out that currently x86 is in the hold of Intel,as Intel gets more fund and R&D capability,it must be much difficult for AMD to get a decent position or even exceed Intel.If AMD processors add the support for ARM,it’s believed to add some competitiveness to fight against Intel. It seems that Warren East is quite confident in convincing AMD of accepting ARM,he said as AMD was considering the future strategy,and therefore it’s also a good opportunity to persuade AMD to adopt their architecture. Some industry people thought that it’s too hurry for AMD to abandon x86,the company can choose to develop the processors which integrate ARM and x86,when the developed ARM CPUs is mature,they can gradually decrease the development for x86 processors,or even finally give up X86 to get rid of monopoly and suppression from Intel.