AMD Sells Three Million Fusion APUs In Q1 2011


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In the quarterly financial meeting,AMD announces that they have shipped three million Fusion APUs(Accelerated Processing Units) in the 1st quarter,covering 50% of their total mobile processors. 

“In Q1,we have shipped three million Fusion APUs,tripling unit shipments over the prior quarter.”When talking with the financial analysts,said Thomas Seifert,chief financial officer and interim chief executives of AMD.

While in the Q4 of 2010,AMD shipped one million Fusion APUs,which is one third of the three million pieces in this 1st quarter.

According to our early report,Llano APUs have been finished all the test and entered into batch production,the units will ultimately be in the systems that OEM partners will ship to retailers or end-customers.Mainly targeting mainstream consumer market,AMD Llano APU(A-series Fusion APU) is expected to be available this June.

Source: Xbitlabs